Business Activation Series – Part Three: Data Visualization
Ian Robinson

Business Activation Series – Part Three: Data Visualization

Over the past two weeks we have focused on BUSINESS ACTIVATION – in particular looking at leveraging business intelligence (your data) to help improve performance. Today’s blog, part three in our series of four on Business Activation, will cover the benefits of data visualization, and the importance of providing people with a visual context for data. In case you missed them please check out Part One- Analyze the Data and Part Two – Closing the Gap.


So, what is data visualization? At a very basic level, data visualization refers to the use of visual objects (such as graphics or charts) to communicate data or information. Data visualization tools go beyond that of a standard spreadsheet or OLAP cubes, making it much easier to locate patterns and trends that may be missed in standard numerical data. Software vendors have begun to embed data visualization tools into their products as management tools to drive changes in organizational performance. To that end, Total e Integrated is excited to announce we will be launching a new DASHBOARDS feature in Q1 2017.


The Total e Dashboard feature provides real-time views of your organization’s KPIs (key performance indicators). By providing staff with instant feedback that is actionable, dashboards can be instrumental in activating your business. Not sold on the power of dashboards? Let’s look at the example of a Fitbit – a wearable device that tracks the user’s activity. Simply wearing the Fitbit is not what motivates the user to exercise, the motivation comes from the real-time graphical feedback on your performance that the device provides. The Fitbit goes beyond a typical step-counter by providing detailed information regarding distance over time, weight changes, sleeping patterns, and even how you match up against others. The dashboards on the Fitbit absolutely encourage improvement in results.


With Dashboards enabled, you can expect staff to understand the importance of your KPI’s far more easily. According to a survey by Aberdeen Group, 48 percent of business intelligence users that utilize data visualization tools are able to find the information they require without the assistance of IT staff all or most of the time. Furthermore, data visualization will help users effectively see the connection between their actions and business performance. For example, say your management team has noticed a 10 percent increase in anonymous transactions (i.e. transactions without a contact record attached); by having access to a variety of business dashboards, your team can more easily locate the root cause of the issue. Perhaps a specific staff member isn’t capturing customer data during transactions.


When the dashboards feature is released in Q1 2017, you can absolutely use the tool to ACTIVATE YOUR BUSINESS. For more information, please don’t hesitate to connect with us at info@totaleintegrated.com. Next week we will post the final blog in our Business Activation Series – Part Four: Distribution of Data – where we will cover how best to disseminate the data to encourage results. Be sure to check back next week for more information.


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