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A strong CRM (customer relationship management) system is an integral part of any successful business and can help with managing customer interactions, handling the consumer lifecycle, improving relationships, increasing retention and driving greater revenues. A significant aspect of any good CRM system is its ability to segment customer data automatically. Customer segmentation refers to the categorization of your customer base into groups based on similarities for marketing purposes. Some customer segmentations that might be relevant to your business include: age, gender, spending habits, place of employment and so on. The benefit of understanding your customer segments is the significant marketing potential that successful segmentations can provide. If you wanted to increase the success of an event, you could send a campaign to all the customers that historically take part in similar events.

CRM software helps alleviate the headaches of tracking so much data about each customer, by automating much of the collection and categorization. The data collected by your CRM can also help with understanding your customer’s preferences and needs allowing you the tailor their experience accordingly.

The Challenge of Getting Your CRM Up and Running


So you’ve started using CRM software to track customer segments? Now you need to successfully manage the software to maximize its value. Only a well-planned and designed system can help your business grow. Segmenting customer data will be worthless if you haven’t built a great foundation - you must sit with your team and determine what data points are must-have and ensure that your software can successfully manage those needs.

Another challenge with segmentations is ensuring clean data entry. While a great CRM will automate much of the data entry – if your team doesn’t understand the importance of data collection they will enter junk data to save time. Sitting with your team during the initial stages will help build a company culture that understands how integral data capture is to your success. Most providers fail to provide sufficient implementation resources to ensure your staff understand how important data capture is.

Total e Integrated's CRM & Marketing Software

The Total e Integrated system automatically collects and segments customer data at various points. Because Total e Integrated provides an all-in-one system, all the data collected from each of your business departments will be tracked in a single database against each of your customers. Stand-alone systems cannot track as much data as an all-in-one. With all this data tracked at the customer level, you can now generate highly targeted e-mail campaigns and send them straight from your Total e Integrated system or through our integration with Mail Chimp.

The Total e Integrated CRM also includes powerful loyalty program features. The Total e Integrated loyalty program is flexible for any club’s needs – player cards, loyalty points, golf passes, and more. In addition to loyalty, Total e Integrated offers integrated Cash EQ’s. Cash EQ’s are a virtual cash used in credit book type applications where a dollar amount is added at the customer account level and used to make specific purchases throughout your facilities. Cash EQ’s are a great tool to track liability, reduce wasteful printing, and encourage customer retention.


Key Benefits of Total e Integrated's CRM & Marketing Software

  • Data is automatically captured at all customer touch-points and tracked back to the customer’s contact record.
  • Total e Integrated is capable of sending beautiful HTML e-mail campaigns to your segmented customer contacts.
  • Prefer to utilize an external tool? No Problem! Total e Integrated can push your segments to Mail Chimp.
  • Allow customer to access and update profile information through your TEI web portal.
  • Send out surveys to all or a segment of your customers and automatically attach their answers back to their account.
  • Use our virtual credit book application (Cash EQ’s) and assign a virtual dollar amount to your customers CRM account.
  • Utilize our limitless user-defined fields to capture any and all data you desire.
  • Send out special tee time rates to your database via e-mail.



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