Web Solutions

Of all the business activities your team carries out, arguably the most important is on the web. Your web experience is where most of your first impressions are made – and you only get to make a good first impression once. According to Internetlivestats.com, in both Canada and the U.S. over 88% of the population uses the web. Yet despite the importance of the web, many business offer a sub-par web experience for their customers. Many club websites remain non-responsive and clunky. Even worse, many clubs use technology providers that offer four or five generic web templates – making it difficult to distinguish the club from others. We believe every business is unique, and to that end every club deserves a unique and eye catching web experience. Luckily, Total e Integrated offers a large variety of web solutions to make your business stand out from the crowd…


Total e Integrated designs beautiful and responsive websites based on the suggestions and recommendations of your team. Our team of expert consultants will help you design a custom website that blows your customers away. The customer experience is consistently great across all devices. Your new Total e Integrated website also integrates with our suite of tools including: tee time reservations, statements & payments, member portal, dining reservations, and much more. Our ability to build custom websites allows Total e Integrated to provide a truly all-in-one experience that the competition simply can’t beat.


Online Bookings

Total e Integrated’s version 3.0 online reservation system is easily the best on the market. Thanks to its responsive design, our reservation system is accessible on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, and has a clean, agile look that will make your web experience stand out. The online reservation system is embedded directly on your website, and allows users to book reservations easily. Because our online reservation system is integrated real-time with our system’s back office, you never need to worry about double-bookings. Integrated credit cards means that the slots can be reserved with a credit card which reduces the chances of a no-show. Finally, all the customer information entered during the reservation process is automatically synced into your system’s CRM database. With Total e Integrated, you can manage all your online reservation needs within a single solution. Total e Integrated offers online booking tools for…

  • Golf – Customers can book their round of golf, choose a power cart or walk, view green fees, and much more.
  • Tennis – Allow customers to book your courts online and increase overall utilization.
  • Dining - Provide your customers with an unparalleled experience by allowing them to reserve a table online.


Total e Integrated’s e-commerce module is a responsive design and capable of handling the needs of any business. The e-commerce module is perfect for the sale of memberships, one-time passes, gift cards, packaged items, and single retail items. Allow your customers to purchase annual registrations or renewals for amenities such as club memberships or fitness passes and the corresponding privileges will automatically update in the customer’s profile. In addition to annual registrations, provide customers with the option to purchase one-time passes for classes or events. Our e-commerce module also has a history feature that allows customers to review previous purchases through their account.



Member Portal

A web portal is an online access point for your customers to access and manage various club activities. A great web portal will provide access to a variety of features including online statements and payments, reservations (including dining, golf, tennis, and more), club communications, registration to events, and so much more. A member portal can be powerful method of connecting your customers with an exceptional experience.

The Total e Integrated web portal is designed to be responsive, user-friendly, and feature-driven. The Total e Integrated member web portal provides your members to a variety of integrated tools – and is customized to your ideal look and feel. The Total e Integrated member portal is also an amazing tool for residents of an HOA/POA community – paying dues, reviewing statements, booking various amenities, joining a community club, connecting with friends, and more – is all accessible through our member portal.


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