Advanced Inventory Software

The Total e Integrated retail solution comes pre-loaded with the necessary tools to manage your inventory successfully. The retail module provides you with the tools necessary to handle purchase orders, receiving stock, automatically generate bar codes, utilize an electronic scanner, and generate custom reports. While these inventory tools are sufficient for most clubs, TEI also offers powerful tools for operators looking to move their retail operation into the top 5% of the industry. The advanced inventory management tools TEI offers include special ordering and open-to-buy software.

Total e Integrated's Special Ordering Capabilities

Special ordering is the process of buying inventory that is not regularly stocked but rather ordered from a vendor specifically for a customer. Special ordering software ensures that your special orders are inventoried correctly and reduces the chances of error from the moment of order to when the product is in your customers hands.

How might special ordering be applicable to you? Say for example that you offer club fitting services at your facility. Club fitting staff need to figure out the length, weight, lie, angle, shaft, flex, grip, and more, of customers to help them get their game back on track. In addition to being able to track all these specifications at the customer level, special ordering can also help alleviate the challenges of ordering and inventorying custom items.

Total e Integrated’s Open-to-Buy Software

Open-to-Buy software is an instrumental tool used by retailers to both budget and plan appropriately for merchandise sales and purchases. It is key that a retailer can meet customer demand while at the same time staying within the operation’s budget – Open-to-Buy software can help. By tracking the total spend and budget, an open-to-buy system can help any retail operation maximize profits while staying within the overall financial plan.

The Total e Integrated advanced inventory module comes with an intelligent Open-to-Buy module that can help your club make the right retail purchasing decisions. Total e Integrated can help you determine how much inventory you need to buy on a monthly basis to make your sales targets – we take the guess work out of inventory management. With the Total e Integrated Open-to-Buy platform, you can expect stronger sales, leaner inventory, less discounts, improved profit margins, and an overall better financial performance.


Key Benefits of Total e Integrated's Advanced Inventory Software

  • Increase retail profitability by managing your stock according to financial objectives.
  • Decrease the frequency of markdowns and out-of-stock inventory issues.
  • Simplify the process of ordering custom inventory for your staff.
  • Improve the customer experience by offering them the items they want when they want it.
  • Create electronic purchase orders quickly and easily – even for custom items.



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