Advanced Reporting Software

Do you need advanced analytical reporting capabilities? In a constantly evolving industry with more clubs closing their doors than opening them, you need to give yourself an edge over the competition – the best way to do that is to truly understand every detail of your business. Clubs have tons of information available through the systems they use, but you need a tool that is capable of collating that data into easy to understand reports. Once the data is compiled within a report, you can use the information to your advantage.

The Challenge of Advanced Analytical Reporting For Your Business


If you have a specific question about your business – no matter how arbitrary it may seem – can you easily retrieve the information within seconds? For example, maybe you were wondering what beverage is most popular with your female customers on a specific day of the week. Could you find the answer to your question without sifting through mountains of data? Unfortunately for most businesses the answer is “No”. Having the ability to pull specific analytics can open up so many opportunities for your business. You can use the vast amounts of data your system collects to drive sales, increase margins, and develop customer loyalty.

Total e Integrated's OLAP Cube Reporting Tool

The Total e Integrated system comes ready-built with OLAP cubes. OLAP cubes allow you to obtain specific information on anything with ease. OLAP cubes are multi-dimensional databases that are optimized for data storage and analytical processing. Any piece of information that passes through your Total e Integrated system can be stored within your system’s OLAP cubes. So, how can OLAP Cubes help your business? Having the information you need within a matter of seconds gives you the ability to make smart business decisions based on hard facts not just personal theories.



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