Event Management Software

Event planning is serious business – whether it’s a wedding, banquet, tournament or corporate outing - your customer expects the very best. Planning for such significant events requires comprehensive software capable of handling all the particulars of the day – including facility reservations, tee sheet and amenity bookings, menu options, and more. Strong event management software can make organizing and running an event much easier – but the software must be both powerful and convenient.

The Challenges in Finding Event Management Software


Some of the strongest event management platforms out there are stand-alone systems – this means if your event space is part of a larger organization – you will have limited to no integration with other departments. That’s a major problem for organizations that want to create a collaborative, streamlined and efficient team environment. Even worse, some organizations choose to work with spreadsheets instead – digging through a spreadsheet is inconvenient for other team members and makes you much more prone to mistakes.

Total e Integrated's Event Management Software

The Total e Integrated’s event management software is on-par with many of the stand-alone event systems on the market. The real benefit is the ability to integrate this package with the rest of your systems. Want to sync up member charges from events to your member management systems? Total e Integrated can do that. Want to turn your food & beverage terminals into an open bar for an event? Total e Integrated can do that too. There’s so much more that you can do with a powerful integrated system than what you can with a standalone one.



Key Benefits of Total e Integrated's Event Management Software

  • Turn any of your food & beverage terminals into an event terminal with ease.
  • TEI walks your staff through every necessary step during event creation ensuring nothing is missed for your customers.
  • TEI generates a BEO based on the information that has been entered during event creation.
  • Generate everything from your quotation, contract, BEO, task list, itinerary and invoices automatically through TEI.
  • Allow customers to register to events online through your online portal or event calendar.
  • Manage the inventory and menu options for each event through our events module.
  • Use Cash EQs to apply virtual cash to customer accounts for tournament and event payouts.
  • Manage bookings for all your amenities including your golf course, tennis courts, event rooms, and restaurant through a single system.



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