Food & Beverage Management Software

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving. From the customers and staff to the menu options and restaurant experience – you need to keep on top of it all. It’s important that you provide a near flawless experience to keep your restaurant in the mind of customers. Equally important to keeping customers coming back is the ability to manage your business intelligently with the right information.

The Challenges of Food & Beverage Software in the Club World


Most operators lose money in their food and beverage department. However, customers come to your club for an experience, so operating a restaurant becomes a necessary evil. Software providers add to the problem - in the past clubs had two options: they could select an all-in-one system where the food and beverage module felt like an after-thought, or they could select a stand-alone system with minimal integration with other departments. Neither option was ideal.

Total e Integrated's Food & Beverage Management Software

The Total e Integrated food and beverage module provides the best of both worlds – it’s an all-in-one integrated system with a food and beverage module that’s loaded with features typically reserved for stand-alone platforms. Create as many menus and sub-menus as you like. Create a table seating view with ease. Move and split an entire check or specific items within a check. Provide your members with the ability to book reservations online. Manage your inventory down to the slice of tomato. Increase order consistency with recipe builds. Send out highly targeted marketing to keep customers coming back. Total e Integrated allows you to run your restaurant like a well-oiled, profitable machine


Key Benefits of Total e Integrated's Food & Beverage Management Software

  • Design your menu structure, point-of-sale button arrangement, and more as you see fit.
  • Allow customers to book reservations to your restaurant online.
  • Send meals to your customers when they’re ready with our coursing feature.
  • Increase revenue by utilizing our powerful integrated marketing features.
  • Manage your inventory with recipe builds to increase order consistency and reduce loss.
  • Turn your point-of-sale into an event bar with restricted menu options with ease.
  • Process integrated credit card payments through your point-of-sale.
  • Split checks multiple ways quickly and easily.



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