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Member management is the foundation of every private club and an important revenue stream for many other organizations. Member management is not just a matter of collecting dues and charges, systems also needs to provide profiles, reports, preferences, communication history, privileges, account charges, gate security, minimums, amenity bookings, and more. Because member management needs to integrate with a wide-variety of business areas, the ideal solution will house all these features within one platform.

Total e Integrated’s Member Management Platform

The Total e Integrated platform is capable of housing all of your member management requirements within a single platform. The foundation of every member management platform is collecting membership charges. Total e Integrated can handle a multitude of member financial requirements, including: custom statement generation, installment billing, pre-authorized payments, ACH, e-cheques, minimums, accounts receivable, credit card payments, liabilities, and more.

The ability to handle membership billing is not the only important aspect of member management, you must also be able to integrate your system with a variety of other applications including amenity bookings, reservations, events, the online portal, privileges, point-of-sale, marketing, CRM, and more. Total e Integrated can integrate your member management platform with more areas of your business than ever before.


Key Benefits of Total e Integrated's Member Management Software

  • Setup your initial and on-going billing charges however you like – bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and more.
  • Store virtual cash, gift certificates, credits, minimums and account balances on each member’s account.
  • Provide members with an online reservation engine for golf, tennis, dining and more.
  • The TEI member portal is responsive, agile, beautiful and loaded with features.
  • Privileges of members will be reflected appropriately throughout the rest of your integrated solution.
  • Customize the look of your statements and let members pay the way they want – we offer ACH, e-check, pre-authorized and more.
  • Increase membership sales, solve retention issues, and streamline the member experience.



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