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Any community’s most significant source of revenue is their resident dues. In addition to communities, many golf clubs and resorts have developed residential properties on-site as an additional source of significant income. Many of these organizations are using property management software to ensure that dues are paid on time. The main goal of any business with property management duties includes: receiving dues payments, calculating fees, ownership tracking, and seamless reporting. However, ensuring that the software is intuitive enough for your residents to use is also important. You need to provide your residents with seamless payment and amenity booking options to truly offer an amazing experience.

The Challenges of Finding Property Management Software


Successfully managing the various aspects of property management can be extremely difficult for a small team. Many organizations manage thousands of homes – all of which need to be properly managed to keep the revenue coming in. What’s worse, in today’s highly competitive market the key for many organizations is to offer a great deal of amenities through a single seamless tool. Everything from a snack bar or tennis court to golf courses and banquet facilities are now common-place at many organizations. With so many offerings, your business needs a tool that can manage each and every one of them through a single platform.

Total e Integrated's Property Management Software

The Total e Integrated property management module was designed with one of the first and largest recreational HOA/POA communities in the U.S. – Sun City, Arizona. After being put through the ringer by Sun City, TEI now proudly offers the most feature-rich solution for active adult lifestyle communities. The Total e Integrated system is designed to provide a best-in-class experience for any organization that manages a combination of properties and recreational amenities, restaurants, event centers, and more. If your organization needs property management that can also handle the complex aspects of offering various amenities – look no further than the Total e Integrated solution.



Key Benefits of Total e Integrated's Property Management Software

  • Allow residents and customer to book your amenities online through a single portal.
  • Manage your resident’s memberships and the associated membership fees with ease.
  • Offer residents powerful club and group management solutions.
  • Let residents pay how they want to, TEI offers ACH, e-check, lock box, direct withdraw and more.
  • Customize you dues schedules how you see fit, offer bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and more for any of your charges.
  • Increase membership and lots sales, solve retention issues, and streamline the customer experience.
  • Automatically aggregated data from all properties available in real time to slice and dice easily.



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