Retail Management Software

Best-in-class software is essential to the success of your retail operation. For years large retailers alone used retail software programs to run their operations more efficiently and profitably. Now many smaller businesses and clubs use retail software for the same purposes. With proper pro shop retail software your control over inventory is significantly improved. For example, re-ordering functions, trend analysis, and stock levels are readily available at your fingertips. Retail software can be extremely effective for developing impactful marketing initiatives as well. By monitoring the sales performance of retail items you can effectively flex your marketing muscles and increase the sales of low-performing items or repeat a previous campaign that had significant success. Major retailers utilize their retail software to monitor trends in product demand and adjust accordingly. With retail software any operation can perform the same product demand analysis and successfully manage their inventory.

The Challenges of Finding Retail Software


In the past club software providers offered bare-bones retail software to accompany their “bread and butter” software such as tee time management or accounting. Only recently have providers started adding a little more meat to their retail systems – but they remain years behind some of the stand-alone retail systems available on the market. With the well-documented challenges that already face the club industry, lack-luster retail software simply adds another layer of difficulty to a club’s struggle to not just survive but grow.

Total e Integrated's Retail Management Software

The Total e Integrated retail system is on the same level as many stand-alone platforms, however it is capable of integrating with the rest of your Total e Integrated platform. This is not just a point-of-sale system, our retail platform has inventory management, eCommerce, marketing automation, order management, advanced reporting, and more built in. We have packed the Total e Integrated retail system with the features needed to turn your retail operation into a powerhouse.

Built with customization in mind, you can design your menu structure, point-of-sale button arrangement, and more as you see fit. EMV Processing is enabled through integrated third-party credit-card processors. View customer details right on the point-of-sale screen – picture, privileges, purchasing history, account balance, survey answers, preferences, and more can be viewed. Manage Gift Card, Loyalty Card, and Account Charges with ease. Send segmented marketing campaigns based on the purchasing habits of your customers to grow your revenues.


Key Benefits of Total e Integrated's Retail Management Software

  • Design your menu structure, point-of-sale button arrangement, and more as you see fit.
  • The ability to manage gift cards, loyalty programs, account charges, and billing is built in.
  • Easy access to the golf tee sheet from the pro shop retail point-of-sale.
  • Easily send marketing campaigns to segmented groups based on purchasing habits of your customers.
  • EMV processing is enabled through integrated third-party credit card processors.
  • The Total e Integrated pro shop retail system is built to simplify your staff's day-to-day processes.
  • View the profile picture, privileges, purchasing history, preferences, account balance and more - right on the screen.
  • Manage purchasing and inventory processes quickly and easily.



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