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In the not too distant past, most clubs managed golf courses with pen and paper. As the times have changed so too have the tee sheet systems. The number of tee sheet systems on the market have exploded – but with so many options it can be challenging to determine what one is right for your club. It’s imperative that club’s in today’s challenging market use tee sheet software that tracks customer data, provides comprehensive features, and fills your tee sheet. These key tasks need to happen with ease to keep the profits up and your staff free. The right tee sheet software can be a game changer for an organization that wants to increase their sales, margins and customer satisfaction.

The Challenges of Finding Tee Sheet Software


For most clubs, the main source of revenue is from their tee sheet. They need to fill their tee sheet which has become an increasingly difficult task with the recent reduction in active golfers. What’s worse, many providers only offer their software if you barter tee times. As if it wasn’t hard enough to fill your tee sheet these days, now your technology provider wants a piece of the action. The tee time barterers will take your tee times and sell them at a heavily discounted price on their central booking portal. The central booking portal not only trains golfers to search for the discounted prices, but it also encourages them to look at local competition. Trading tee times drains the life out of your club.

Total e Integrated's Tee Sheet Software

Total e Integrated’s tee sheet software is both comprehensive and customizable. Because Total e Integrated doesn’t trade tee times – you don’t have to worry about losing valuable inventory. Total e Integrated’s tee sheet system also does a great job of tracking customers – by knowing a customers preferred playing days, time slots, and other preferences – you can send segmented campaigns to these customers to fill your tee sheet with ease. Total e Integrated gives you the tools you need to consistently fill your tee sheet..


Total e Integrated’s Yield Management Capabilities


Yield management software is essential to the success of any golf club. When tee times are managed properly it can have a tremendous impact on your bottom-line. Managing the price of tee times can be a complex process for any golf club, so finding the right solution for your club is crucial. Clubs need a tool that provides a simple yet clear report indicating the utilization of their tee sheet on a daily basis. With this information the club can quickly, easily, and accurately adjust the pricing based on demand. Unfortunately most organizations see yield management as a “race to the bottom” – if there’s a lack of demand during a specific time, many clubs reduce the price. Successful organizations use a yield management tool to determine which times are in high-demand as well, and increase the pricing accordingly. The foundation of your golf club is your tee time revenue, so it’s imperative that you find a tool that is comprehensive enough to easily increase your profits.

Total e Integrated provides clubs complete control over the pricing of their tee times. Notice a time is in high demand? You can quickly and easily increase the price on specific times to match the demand. From setting the initial price to quick adjustments to one or a group of times, Total e Integrated provides a comprehensive solution to an integral business process. In addition, because yield management is integrated with your tee sheet and online tee time reservation system, your adjustments will be made in real-time – ensuring both your staff and customers have the correct price for your tee times.


Key Benefits of Total e Integrated's Tee Sheet Software

  • Design the colour scheme, pricing, price levels, and more, however you like.
  • The tee sheet is fully integrated with your pro shop’s retail POS.
  • Review tee sheet utilization at multiple courses on one page.
  • Integrated with the online tee time reservation system seamlessly.
  • Take back your tee sheet and stop trading tee times.
  • View the profile picture, privileges, purchasing history, preferences, account balance and more – right on the screen.
  • Yield Management is an easy to use but powerful price integrity tool to maximize your revenue..
  • Add squeeze times, manage single and split tees, book fivesomes, and much more.



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